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 We shine brightly with you.


About the story of Project Moment Designs

Project Moment Designs is a mother, daughter hand-made jewelry line based out of Tampa, FL designed with a vision to uplift dreams and smiles via our colorful pieces and optimistic messages. As a mother, daughter and best friend duo, our grounded belief in living life as a blessing to make a difference in the goodness of this universe led us to take a leap of faith and imprint our mark with personalized jewelry.


Founded in 2018, we are committed to creating a rock-star community for women and girls to support, empower, and transform their footsteps into a fulfilling journey. With a foundation that's approachable and fun for all to partake in, Project Moment Designs infuses each piece of jewelry with positive energy and personal messages that embody the wearer’s goals and style. As the power to seize the day and make it the very best lies within us, we hope that our pieces will unleash your beautiful confidence and craft a brighter journey.

 The meaning behind our brand:

In this remarkable project called life, own each moment designed with relentless confidence and vividly optimistic thoughts- you will then be your very own miracle in the making!

Never stop believing, never stop dreaming, for your purpose is meant to sparkle the world!