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Meet the Founder and Creative Director of Project Moment Designs jewelry brand
Meet Jessica Santander: Founder & Creative Director 

I was born in Rochester, NY and moved to Delaware at the age of 9. Unconditional love from family and friends, along with my forever little westie, has fostered a "glass overflowing" mentality, where I choose to see the best in everything. Along with the grateful heart I carry, I've always been fascinated with the culture of fashion- its uplifting energy created with versatile garments, stones, color palettes..., there's never a second I'm not thinking about fashion!


Meet the Founder of Project Moment Designs jewelry brand for women

Throughout the years, I've been moved by women entrepreneurs who've taken a leap of faith to follow their dreams and make a difference with a give-back mentality. Yet, as all good things come with trial and error, I experienced a challenging chapter in my life that tested me in all ways possible.

After completing my Master’s degree in Marketing, and soon after struggling with self-doubt while seeking a full-time job, there were many times where I questioned my own potential in crafting a fulfilling career. While networking with other young women professionals and engaging in conversations that highlighted the many moments of self-pity and uncertainty, I noticed many other women and girls experiencing the same journey and challenges. With an optimistic and tenacious mindset, heavily influenced by my mother’s challenging, yet, empowering story, I decided the time is up for women and girls to limit their own worth.

My vision with Project Moment Designs is to help women and girls to learn, grow, and pursue what ignites their passion. Life is a marvelous project that is shaped by passion, determination, and confidence, and once we live this out, the transformation is even more remarkable when lifting each other up!