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Our Core Values


Project Moment Designs celebrates you, your dreams, and the beautiful difference we can make together:


1. Giving backthere's abundant room in this universe to make a difference in the lives of our friends, communities, and places afar; the act of giving shines the wondrous light of the human spirit.


2. Positivitythe power of one small, positive thought is all that's needed to change one's situation, environment, and the world. The choice to embrace a positive outlook on life can certainly reveal the hidden blessings awaiting for you to thrive.


3. Love for Lifesharing our love and respect for life itself is not only a good thing, but the right thing to commit to. Living in this moment is a blessing, and life deserves to be cherished.


4. Hope-  this one word, hope, makes the world a brighter and more beautiful place. Instilling hope into our mindset and outlook on life brings us all together in ways never thought of and/or heard of before.


5. Imaginationthe human spirit is forever growing and this growth deeply relies on the choice to embrace that wanderlust, childhood spirit of what can be. Imagination unleashes the magic of self-belief.


6. Communityfrom one story to another, from one family to another, community is the backbone for us all, bringing us together where new opportunities arise in creating a beautiful future for all.


7. Familyas one of the special gifts from life, the love and comfort from family is a seed that forever nurtures moments of growth, strength, and new beginnings.


8. Faithwith each new day, life shares its encouragement of believing in what can be, even if not seen before. Faith over fear leads to grand discoveries for our journey together.